Understanding Liquidation Costs

If you are considering placing your company into voluntary liquidation you have come to the right place. At Insolvency Services Australia we specialise in the field of company liquidations and have helped countless Australian businesses through the process.

The liquidation process can be stressful and confusing to the layperson, and especially so when the issue of associated costs comes up. Liquidation costs are both tangible and intangible, and both are equally taxing. On top of the fees that are paid to the liquidator for their services, which will vary amongst firms, many company directors will suffer from the emotional stress of having to wind up their business.

The specialists at Insolvency Services Australia have years of experience in company liquidation consultation and administration. We understand the financial strain that a company liquidation can place on a business and its owner, which is why we offer our fully licensed services at the lowest possible price – guaranteed. Through constantly refining our work practices, we have perfected the art of achieving significant cost savings, which we then we pass on to you!

If you have spoken to other registered liquidators about expected liquidation costs, call us before making any concrete decisions. If you provide us with a quote for service fees, in writing, from a registered liquidator – we will happily beat it!

For more information on the costs of liquidation, or to find out how ISA can help you with your liquidation case, contact us today. We operate a 24/7 toll free hotline so that we can provide you with insolvency and liquidation advice when it best suits you.


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