Save Money To Save Your Financial Future

It often goes a little like this:

You get to the local supermarket to pick up some milk and bread. You see some biscuits on sale and grab two packets, and then find yourself repeating this process with the children’s lunch box snacks and some canned corn. You know very well you still have some more sitting at the back of the pantry, but they’re on sale so it’s okay, right? By the time you’re at the register, you’ve accumulated a total of over $50!

Grocery stores aren’t the only crime scenes. You may have spent a little too much on your children’s birthday gifts, bought one too many coffees this week or perhaps splurged on that clothing sale you simply couldn’t resist.

Whilst it may not seem like much to some, multiply this common scenario by the number of your shopping trips and you’ll begin to see the effect that these small, seemingly insignificant totals have on your savings and solvency.

At ISA, we understand the importance of saving money. We also understand the difficulty many Australians face when saving money.

Saving money is something we all hope to do, and there are many reasons why setting up a savings account is a worthwhile investment in your financial future.  By regularly banking a little of your income on a weekly or monthly basis, you will be on your way to saving sufficient money that may one day cover you in the instance of one of life’s unexpected curveballs.

The first and most effective strategy to successfully saving money is setting a comfortable savings target. Don’t make your goals unachievable by aiming too high and don’t be too lenient by aiming too low either!

Saving money is all about finding that perfect balance. Saving money is about walking past that sale and acknowledging that you don’t NEED that new jacket. Saving money is about providing yourself with the peace of mind that should you experience any periods of income shortfall, you won’t be struggling to scrape through. Saving money is about staying on course and not giving up.

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