Liquidate a Company with a Licensed Practitioner

If you are looking to liquidate a company, you must ensure that the practitioner who handles the process is registered and highly experienced. Only people with the relevant education and qualifications can become registered liquidators with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

A registered liquidator takes on a very serious role when they liquidate a company – one that requires professional care and skill. The liquidator owes a duty to the creditors of the insolvent company and must strictly adhere to the requirements of the Corporations Act.

If you want to liquidate a company, Insolvency Services Australia (ISA) can help. ISA is an insolvency specialist firm with a specific focus on corporate assignments. We have a fully qualified insolvency practitioner on site who will handle your case from start to finish in the most professional and efficient manner.

Begin the liquidation process now by simply filling out our online enquiry form. Our team will then contact you to confirm details of your application and discuss all aspects of the process. We can help you start to liquidate a company within 24 hours.

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