How Can We Help You With Insolvency?

At Insolvency Services Australia (ISA), we believe in providing the most affordable and best possible services to help resolve cases of business and personal insolvency. We have a registered liquidator and registered Bankruptcy Trustee on site, as well as a team of highly trained insolvency practitioners, allowing us to handle any sort of business-related or personal insolvency cases.

With a team of insolvency specialists available on site, we can begin most insolvency cases within 24 hours upon receiving the pertinent information required about your case. By working closely with you, ISA can provide you with the professional knowledge and assistance that you need in order to make an informed choice about the next step for your business or household.

Personal debt can be managed with bankruptcy, which is something that ISA can assist with. However, there are also alternatives to bankruptcy available, such as a Debt Agreement or Personal Insolvency Agreement, and these are often not as serious as bankruptcy. ISA are fully licensed and qualified to offer any of these solutions to you.

ISA also offers a number of services for businesses, including voluntary administration or liquidation. A voluntary administration allows a business that is insolvent (or likely to become insolvent) to continue trading whilst its debts are restructured or settled. The company directors are given the opportunity to restructure the company while the licensed administrator carefully maps out the future of the company.

We can also offer direct access to a registered liquidator should you choose to liquidate your company voluntarily. A voluntary liquidation gives the directors of a company control over the appointment of a liquidator -however, a court-ordered liquidation allows the creditor who forced liquidation upon you to appoint a liquidator of their choosing.

The ISA telephone help line is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,and our consultants can assist you with any queries regarding business or personal insolvency. We understand that insolvency can be a sensitive topic, and we provide you with the option of remaining anonymous during any conversation with us.

At ISA, we encourage our clients to consider all options before choosing to liquidate their company or declare personal bankruptcy. We offer expert advice catered to your specific situation, in order to best help you through your financial hardships.

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