ASIC Forces Australian Companies into Liquidation to Recover $1.4 million

The Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) exerted their power to force 32 Australian companies into liquidation in 2014. This was in order to help 99 of their employees recover more than $1.4 million in entitlements.

While many company liquidations are entered into by their directors on their own accord, it can also be forced upon them by an outside party; ASIC has the authority to intervene and force a company into liquidation in the following circumstances:

  • Directors have not responded to contact from ASIC in six months
  • The company has not paid its review fee to ASIC one year after it has fallen due
  • If it is in the public’s interest for the regulator to act – in most cases, this is when employees are owed entitlements from the company
  • ASIC has reason to believe the company is no longer in operation

Company directors and shareholders themselves, on the other hand, can initiate voluntary liquidations based on their own judgment about their insolvency situation. A major advantage of voluntary liquidation is that the directors and shareholders are able to select their own liquidator.

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